Welcome weary traveler to the outer rim of the internet

Hello and welcome to my internet lounge, one of many around the internet. We are located right outside an old dying internet black hole, so we might experience slight time dilation causing us to be about 23 years behind other parts of the internet, but hey it's a cool view right?

I am making this as a project, I have never made a website look good before, or tried to do a "style". This is a self improvment thing but also I would love for other people to see and give feedback, I'll be adding a guestbook soon. After spending years browsing the monotonus web full of bloated js and empty white spaces I wanted to return to a simpler time with a website that would be simpler and retro themed (because I like the aesthetics of the early web. There are a lot of great designs from the early web that I could have chosen from for this website but I went with this because I love the simple pixel art gifs and the lack of skeumorphism. Maybe I'll experiment with that next who knows. Anyways welcome to my website, and enjoy your stay.

If you are feeling brave this is my test page where I test all kinds of things like gifs, html features, and embeds. Test Page.